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Medicla - Commercial Design



We consider each project a new journey with its own unique specifics and details. Designing a pharmacy is an unparalleled experience where attention to specific medical details is a vital matter. There has to be the right spaces for shelves, drawers, and display units for cosmetics and perfumes positioned in the most perfect outline. The façade of a pharmacy is essential as well. It has to reflect the personality and unique characteristics of the place. Concept Design has the experiences, skills, and talents to create the finest pharmacies in the market with special attention to every single tiny detail of the project


Concept Designs has all what it takes to create the finest clinics in the Middle East. Doctors, among many other professionals we deal with, give specific attention to precise factors and elements including making the best use of various spaces, getting the most out of limited budgets, and special care given to ventilation and tidiness. In short, clinics should create a therapeutic environment where patients would be treated fast and effectively. A clinic layout, design, and finishing should reflect efficiency and flexibility in every sense


Experts assert that a hospital’s design would play a significant role in the healing process of various patients. A hospital is a sensitive and sophisticated place where people resort to in case of getting ill or injured. Its design has to reflect hospitality and relaxation for the patients and professionalism and activeness for the staff. Concept Design develops the best healthy environment that would add value to any hospital of health care units. Our design process is helps our clients reach the magical formula of the balancing between budgeting, flexibility, and functionality

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